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    Water is Life

    African Pot is the natural mineral water of choice for discerning throats that know the distinctive difference between Our water and the other Mineral water on the Ghanaian market

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    All the Goodness of Life in one Bottle

    African Pot is Natural Mineral Water and it contains all the essential natural minerals in its right quantities for the body.

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WElCOME TO African Pot

African Pot Natural Mineral Water is the newly introduced pure water in Accra, Ghana. Produced under a high level of hygienic condition and approved by the Ghana Food and Drug Board, African Pot Natural Mineral Water is safe for drinking. It will quench your thirst and refresh your throat in the coolest way. The water is served in a variety of containers such as sachets and bottles.

Strictly Hygienic Condition

We make sure we produce our water in 100% hygienic state.

Safe for Drinking

Drink as much as water that you can for a healthy body.

Fast Delivery

Just place an order and we will deliver to you in the quickest time.

Approved By Food and Drug Board

The Ghana Food and Drug board has approved of this healthy water. So refresh your throat.

Qualities of a Good Water

Contaminant Free

The water is filtered of unhealthy toxins, including synthetic chemicals

Mineral Rich

The natural occuring mineral in the source water are not removed through purification processes.

Alkaline PH

The wate contains a healthy level of alkaline minerals such as calcium and magnesium.


Water that is ionized has a negative oxidation reduction potential and thus slow oxidation in the body.

Good Taste

If it doesn't taste good, you simply won't drink enough water to optimize health benefits.


Drinking reduced water can improve cellular hydration and cell-water turnover.

Our Production Process

  • Production Activities

  • Package Safely

  • Delivery to customers

  • Direct Delivery

what our customers say about us

Mikey Agyemang


Simply refreshing water. Love the coolness inside.

100% recomended

Samuel Opoku


The best drinking filtered water I have come across.

100% recomended

Yaw Mensah

Amrahia, Ghana

I love the packaging and the feeling while drinking this water.

100% recomended